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Tracy’s update on Massimo

Well once again time has flown by…..Massimo has been out of hospital since 26 September, and is doing well.  He picked up a cold in the first 10 days, which did set him back a bit –in fact he’s still has a cough & blocked nose! As soon as the doctors knew he had a cold they took extra measures to make sure it didn’t develop into anything serious. He had his sinuses scanned, a chest x-ray, eco-cardio, took 2 weeks’ worth of antibiotics, and even drops to ease the cough which were opium based! They of course took loads of regular blood tests to make sure there wasn’t anything serious going on, after all, if your immunity is low you could catch something nasty. His blood numbers are improving, but still have a way to go before they’re 100% normal.

He has reached full ‘chimerism’ (meaning 100% of his bone marrow has been replaced by the new improved one and none if his faulty stuff is left) This is a positive step. On the negative side creatinine and triglyceride levels are high, but these seem to be due the side effects of certain medications, mainly ciclosporin.

So last week Massimo was in day hospital every morning for 4 hours for IV fluids, to help reduce the creatinine. But he saw the haematologist and she is happy with his progress.

It’s still too early to predict any return home – he still has to wear a mask when he goes out so infection risks are still an issue,  flying is definitely not an option yet. We expect to be in Genova  until at least the end of December, maybe mid-January, & then perhaps spend some time back with Massimo’s family in Piemonte.

I have been hiking with and English speaking group on I hooked up with on facebook, and have done some amazing walks in Liguria. It’s also been good to meet some interesting people, from far & wide, including Israel, the US, Hungary, Lebanon, France, Germany, UK, India, Peru, and of course Italy.  I managed to pull a muscle in the hamstring region last weekend on a slippery section of a downhill walk…that’s suspended my running for a week or so, which is most annoying.  Some of the same people from the hiking group are in an aperitivo group who meet on Thursday nights & practise their English. Of course it’s helping my Italian as well and I don’t freeze now when a stranger talks to me on the street….I can have a go at most situations!

We are missing home & the restaurant very much, (and our furkids, Cookie & Manuel, who thanks to Shirley & Jonathan are being smothered with love) but we have to be patient and hope that around December we’ll have a better idea of prognosis and when we can travel.  In the meantime I will be popping over to London for a bit of shopping therapy – very easy flights from Genova (J) and our next big step is to go out here for lunch together to a restaurant  - one thing I miss very much. We have to be very careful with diet & food preparation due to the risk of infection. Massimo is missing in order of importance:

Caffe corretto grappa (espresso with a few drops of grappa)


Massimo’s  Pizzas

Green salads

The rest are, (not in any specific order) butter, unpasteurised cheeses, cured meats (like Parma ham), shellfish, fried foods & rare steak, spicy foods.

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