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EatOut: There’s a reason Massimo’s has a loyal fanbase. Antipasti that will make you weak at the knees and famous pizza. read more

The ALTO Top 10 Places to Eat Cape Town 2012 by

Voted “BEST PIZZA IN CAPE TOWN” by readers!!!

Celebrity TV chef Siba Mtongana: my fav Italian spot. Great food as always!
If you are ever in Cape Town this place should be on your top 10 things to experience list. see review from Just Blue Flint

The crispiest pizzas and decadent home-made desserts. Munch on a gourmet Margherita with hand-torn mozzarella. For something a little different, the rocket & coppa or the pear & gorgonzola are two unbeatable combinations.

Fresh Living Pick&Pay Magazine

Where to find the best pizza in SA. SA’s top 12 pizzerias.

Horizons (British Airways in-flight magazine)

Best Pizza. Massimo’s in Hout Bay is legendary among local foodies for its imaginative pizzas and affable hosts… Made with stone-ground Eureka Mills flour and fior di latte mozzarella, pizzas range from a simple Salvia (mozzarella, butter & sage) to ones with chorizo, pancetta & bagna cauda.

House and Leasure – Dec 2011

Another reason to take a trip to the other side of Cape Town. Massimo’s is old-school Italy with a love for real beer.

GQ South Africa magazine – December 2011

Quality is very good all round, and the pizzas keep regulars very happy and Massimo’s limoncello ends a visit well!

Rossouw’s Restaurants Guide 2012

In contrast to most pizza in SA — which consists in the main of prefabricated discs of too-flat dough — here the bases are pliable, crisped on the edges and firm enough not to collapse under the weight of toppings or become sodden by them. They are properly handmade and artisanal.

Business day

Pizza is very subjective, everyone has their favourite place. Actually, wait, *&#@ it -  Massimo’s is the best pizza in Cape Town. It just is. There. Done.

the Foodie

Both Tracy and Massimo pour their passion into their food. They’re good at what they do and they know it. They are fanatical about using only the freshest and the best – it’s justified in the taste and their menu changes daily to accommodate this challenge…   …nNor will Massimo be regaling you at your table with tales of the old country – the guy works hard for a living, chasing orders and working his massive wood fired oven, shovelling pizzas in and out the gaping maws at temperatures of up to 400*C. Tracy is front of house and seems to be everywhere at once, handling the chaos of service with apparent serenity. They run their arses off.

Gillian does blog

Great value.  Not often you feel like returning to the same restaurant the very next night

Tim Robbins -

I occasionally stumble across a place that blows me away. Massimo’s Pizza Club is, by a mile, one of those restaurants…I am transported to Sunday afternoons at my Nonna. Only an Italian will understand how to make a pizza that can impress other Italians. You can taste the quality control; Massimo and Tracy are pedantic about their raw ingredients and ensuring they only have the freshest materials.


Take everything you think you know about pizza and throw it out the window. These creations are paper-thin, spread with a delicious tomato sauce (the hero of the pizza) and topped sparingly with only a few ingredients. The philosophy here is that a real pizza should not be over-complicated.

JamieWho? blog

There is care and authenticity in every part of this restaurant. The staff seem genuinely to care about their guests and they seem excited to be working with Massimo and all he creates.

Domestic goddesses blog

The kind of pizza that makes you drive all the way from Durbanville to Hout Bay, just for the pizza …a succession of superb, thin-based pizzas with a variety of toppings, each one more delicious than the last.

Slow Food Convivium – Cape Town

Massimo’s is fortunate to have come back with a bounce, and to be so popular, despite its ten month absence and the poor economy, but it shows that what they offer is what the Hout Bay locals want – good value pizzas in a friendly, cosy and homely environment.

Whale Cottage blog

We don’t eat out at night. I wish we did… but all that has now changed with our belated, but happy discovery of Massimo’s Pizza Club in Hout Bay. …if you like South African-style pizzas, don’t come here either. This is pizza for pizza purists…

Kathy Marston – wine editor

Massimo takes pizza to a new level, in no small way due to his very rare ingredient which he uses liberaly, passion.

Relax with Dax blog

I cannot recommend the pizza (and the atmosphere) more highly. These are no ordinary pizzas – each thin-based, artfully-topped creation is a taste-sensation, and I very much doubt you would be disappointed.

Mother City Living

from TripAdvisor:

Massimo makes a pizza that defies all description. They are lighter then air, more tasty then anything, crispy yet delicate, the perfect balance of texture and flavour. Satisfying in every way and presented with quite a bit of overhanging crust that is simply delicious by itself.

But Massimo is also a very adventurous man. He is forever producing a range of specials and sumptuous dishes. For instance the slow roast pork overnight in the pizza oven. Or pan fried whole Angel Fish with a light herb butter (this is a random example from my last visit). The dishes are always accompanied with interesting sides. My goodness if I could eat here every day!

I love the system of a full chalk-board of daily specials presented to the table. They are made fresh to order so when one runs out, a new one gets chalked on the board in its place.. And each special is better then the previous. This is a heavenly place for people who love fresh food prepared in such a way that the natural flavours are enhanced in combinations that thrill and delight.

Do not neglect the salads and vegetable dishes. Vegetarians will be knocked backwards with the flavours and choice available, including gluten and yeast free pizza bases.

I like how Massimo and his lovely wife run this restaurant. With real soul and genuine hospitality. This is the opposite from your franchise experiences so prevalent today.

Lastly my wife is Italian and a foodie – and SHE says it is great. There is all the proof you need!

buon appetito

…the place where Italians in Cape Town go for the real thing…

…eccellente pizza, bravissimi!

…this is most definitely a slice above!

…gorgonzola & pear pizza… is to die for!

…as much top notch pizza as you can eat is revolutionary for Cape Town.

…it was such a fun relaxed place, service very smiley and the food was really good.

This place will undoubtedly be a winner amongst both locals and visitors, and I am delighted we have found the best pizza in CT! Thanks for a really fabulous meal!

…pizza was awesome and the dessert was even better!

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