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Massimo’s home made liquors


Massimo’s Limoncello is made following the original recipe, with simple and pure ingredients, without any preservative or chemical added.

Limoncello is kept in the freezer and served in chilled shots as a digestive, or mixed with sweet sparkling wine as an aperitivo.


Cioccomio is a chocolate liquor invented in an historic bar in Torino.

Massimo has added his own interpretation to the original recipe and we are now offering the following:

  • Cioccomio pure chocolate
  • Cioccomio chocolate & orange
  • Cioccomio chocolate & mint
  • Cioccomio chocolate & chili
  • Cioccomio chocolate & ginger

Cioccomio can be drunk on its own, added to an espresso coffee, over ice cream, over cakes.

Try it in our Trio dessert: 3 types of Cioccomio served in 3 edible chocolate mini shots (white chocolate, milk chocolate and dark chocolate).


Cuciarin means little spoon in Piemontese. Cuciarin is simply a sugar cube soaked in aromatic (orange) pure alcohol.

It is served after dinner, on a spoon, set on fire for a few seconds, blown out and eaten!

Remember to ask for your complementary Cuciarin, we guarantee it’s something unique!

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