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Italian feast / Unbanting

Italian Feast is a unique formula you can only find at Massimo’s

Available for a group of at least 4 adults, the Italian Feast allows you to sample a selection of antipasti and to try all, or most, of our pizzas.

Start with shared platters of mixed antipasti (vegetarian, meat/fish) followed by side salad, pasta, untimited pizza sliced, ready to be shared by your table.

It’s a great way to be a bit adventurous and try combinations that you may never order (but they might end up on you preferred list)

We only stop bringing pizzas when you are full!

The cost for the Italian Feast is R198 per person. Reservation is advisable.

Unbanting Feast

Available for a group of at least 4 adults, Unbanting Feast includes shared pastas, salad & unlimited pizzas.

The cost for the Unbanting Feast is R169 per person (Winter offer:  Monday to Thursday only R125). Reservation is advisable.

Please note: starters, salad & pasta are only served once, only the pizza is unlimited. We will only serve the next pizza once all the slices on the table have been eaten. Italian Feast does not include sweet pizzas. The choice of starters & pizzas served is at the discretion of Massimo’s, no special orders taken, no doggy bags & no child prices.

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