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100 days milestone

here is an ‘almost 100 day update’ of Massimo’s bone marrow transplant.
Massimo doing very well. He saw his doctor yesterday and she wants to remove the catheter next week, which means he doesn’t need any more IV treatments. The dr wants to see him early next week and is still waiting for the results of 1 more test. If that’s good he may be able to stop having daily anticoagulant injections, another positive development.
He’s still prone to picking up infections so has to wear a mask when we go out or are with other people, but all his red cells, white cells and platelets are getting back to normal.
We’ve been out for quite long walks (2hrs, etc) with some uphills and he’s hardly getting out of breath, so much better than before as he was very anaemic.
It’s a long journey, but everything seems so positive up to now. He still has a few issues to bear (like GVHD ‘graft versus host’ disease = mild symptoms of the new bone marrow rejecting his) but in this acute stage it’s quite normal. Mainly it’s the mouth (candida) white tongue & a few ulcerations. Sounds yuk, and isn’t very pleasant but compared to other patients he’s doing very well.
I had to have a flu jab, (in case I catch it and then Massimo gets it, that would be very serious) and now we have to talk with another specialist to ask if I need it again in South Africa. (different virus possibly) before the winter there. And we have to talk about tuberculosis risks, we may have to get all the staff checked, and treated for prevention just in case as he will be at risk of infection for quite some time.
So there are many things still to deal with, but all is good.
In the meantime we are missing all our wonderful customers and friends, from the restaurant, as well as our ‘family’ of great staff at Massimo’s. Of course there are also our cats, but I know they are being loved & taken good care of. In the meantime I have loved being in Genova, and have made some good friends….the next step is to Piverone, Torino, to stay with the family from around 18th December for Christmas. Then it’s likely we’ll have to return to Genova a few times for check-ups. We aim to return to Cape Town by the end of January, and be back in the restaurant by the end of Feb, all being well.
onwards & upwards!

Massimo & Tracy

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